One of them days….

Had such a rotten day today so I thought now kids are in bed I would relax and make some cards.

Their was one I saw on create and craft the other day by craftwork cards and I loved it…. But my head ov isn’t in the right place so I’ve made it but can’t shut the card!!! Ahhhh hey ho, you live and learn so they say…. Will try again tomoro..

20140422-093846 pm.jpg

20140422-093854 pm.jpg

Actually the next one I would like to try is the one from the gentlemanscrafter blog, called teabag fold I think or something of that nature.. Just need to get my measurements right.

I’ve also been looking at graph it pens reviews, I love how they color but wanted to hear first hand off someone how they felt about them, really. Anyone ? 🙂 I currently use spectrum noirs, do I switch or carry on and try to master the noirs… Hmmm

Oh made this for my mother in law, for her daughters 21st. Was pleased how it turned out!

20140422-094341 pm.jpg

20140422-094357 pm.jpg

20140422-094411 pm.jpg

20140422-094426 pm.jpg
Right off to bed I think, hope tomoro is a better day!



3 thoughts on “One of them days….

  1. I really like your 21st birthday card and what you have done on the inside. As for pens I have a feeling that alcohol pens are pretty much the same whatever the make. I started with Promarkers but got frustrated because they repeated colours in packs and had limited editions come out and then go again. So I decided to switch to Spectrum Noirs. For me they work much better and the website has some excellent tutorial videos which you can follow along with. I have to say that my local craft shop is running a colourist course and attending that has really helped. Hope all that did not confuse you further!

    • Aww thank you!! 🙂
      Yes, I’ve had a look at a few tutorials and they have helped loads! It just seems the graph it pens are more “wet” for want of a better word lol

      I wish they did classes around me, but they don’t 😦 that would help me out no end!


      • We are really fortunate with having Craftasmic in Taunton. It’s a family business and mum and son went on the Spectrum Noir training last year and then did the training to teach others as well! They are really good. It does make up for the distinct lack of big craft shows down in the West Country, they all seem to be in London or ‘up north’!

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